When You Love Singing Harmonies Just a Little Too Much

I'm absolutely certain it was The Sound of Music that had me fall in love with the beauty of music and left a little hole in my heart that had to be filled by harmonies and melodies and major minor chords and lyrics and all things music. For over 45 years I've been entranced with the pure delight of all the ways music rocks me to the core. Here I am in the studio singing harmonies on one of Holly's new tunes. Well, to tell the truth, we posed for a photo after the recording. It brings me immense pleasure to be able to hear harmonies and then to be asked to record them on original tunes. Holly's songs are obtuse and truthly told stories of early womanhood - deliciously poetic.

My current music project is just getting underway. Holly and I will announce it on our new FB page called Shadenscar. Everything that matters to us will be captured in our new musical and multi-media extravaganza called Truth or Truth. Ha ha ! It makes me laugh every time I say it. More news coming soon.

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