Iceberg Phase

If I had to describe my musical career in one word I would have to say, "iceberg." That's right. Despite a dearth of live performances, and only online announcements of recording sessions, I am very busy. But, like an iceberg, only about 10% of what I do is visible. In the last week, I have begun the task of auditioning musicians for my band. I have been working at the rewarding process of writing an "anthem" for a social cause that I care passionately about. And, I have been rehearsing a pair of tunes that I will be recording this week with Marc Atkinson, who offered me a couple days in his Barn Studio after a cancellation. I will soon have three tunes "in the can," with the rest of a new album due to be recorded in April and May. In the meantime, I plan to release a special free rendition of one of my three new songs early in the new year. Keep your eyes open for this exclusive, time-limited offer for you, my long-time supporters. If you have friends you think would enjoy my music, please share this message with them so that they will be eligible to receive the new song. As always, thank you very much for your continuing support.

Playing the Appalachian Dulcimer in DAC tuning