I Want More While I Still Have Time

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

I’ve been hoping for the day when I no longer talk myself out of loving my life.

That day has come. It is today.

I could talk about epiphanies, and yes there have been some.

But here is life … right in front of me.

Life …. is hearing what I won’t say

It’s time to say it.

I’ve been quiet in the places I wanted to speak.

I’ve been interested in what the silent people aren’t saying.

I’ve wondered if perhaps the people who have shut up, have done so to stay alive.

I can relate to that.

Hey are you there ? If you want to reshape, rethink, recreate, redesign and/or reboot your life,

hang with me, listen in, be my witness.

The journey I am on, called my life, is likely of limited interest to you or anybody.

You’ll have to find yourself in here if you want. Reveal what’s behind your own curtain.

If nothing else, make the world more interesting and workable by being transparent.

I will strive to have my truth be akin to the facts.

I will strive to extract the spin I have added to those facts.

I will strive to be radically responsible for the thoughts, feelings and experiences I leave others with.

The buck stops here.

I am Sue.

I am about to unravel the put togetherness, dismantle the looking goodness.

I want more while I still have time