Bushfire Recovery in Australia

I didn't really know what to tell people about why I decided to go to Australia 2 months ago. I just felt restless, and compelled to go where the planet and the animals were burning. I still sob when I watch videos of the koalas trying to get away. Sometimes you just have to do what your emotions tell you to do, go where your impractical thoughts tell you to go.

The trip was beyond life altering. I came back wanting to be a comedian and a vegetarian.

Sharing it with my friend Holly Faris, a 24 year old artist/musician and human who hasn't yet boxed herself in to a series of responsibilities, was so good for me. She did art when she felt like it. She woke up and went to bed when she felt like it. She was my teacher, making me acutely aware of my perceived need for order and schedule and productivity. Chillax sister !

The Rockstar Princesses, Craigieburn, 2020 (Sue Turner, Holly Faris, Prisha Sharma)

Jacky Sharma and his family also showed me the unpredictability of a well-lived life, where a 4 year old constantly reminded us how to squeeze every ounce of everything out of the moment.

I had a lot of musical experiences. Co-wrote a song from a poem written by bush poet Maurie Foun, our host in the burnt out Corryong district. The Wrath of the Elders.

Perhaps that was my greatest lesson there. How have modern day humans (me) allowed the world to get to this point where a billion animals die in fires that, with all the technology and resources and money in the world, we couldn't stop for 3 months. It's not a blame game, but hey, it happened on my watch.