I was working in Courtenay as a podiatrist a year ago, helping a colleague shut down his practice. This was a year after I had said I would stop working on feet. He needed me and I decided I needed money, and the Covid-directed future looked bleak, so off I went. For 5 months I worked, even after I got a frozen shoulder that landed me at the ER.

Every time I go back to podiatry after I've emphatically decided and even told people I wouldn't has lead me to the same place. Determined to finally stop.

And, that day has come. At the end of February I will no longer be licensed in B.C. In conjunction with this final cutting of the cord, I have decided to leave Canada. I'm following through on another long time desire, to live in and experience a completely different culture.

No matter where I am, music is the passion, the dream, the drive, the pull, the push. It has for decades weaved in and out of my packed life; and though I've always said it's packed with what I love, it's a bit of a white lie. Connected to western culture is a conversation called financial security. Not love security or harmony security or passion security. I think that aspect of our culture has brainwashed me and though I've resisted accumulating a bucketload of cash and property, I still count my $$ in the bank and worry if it's enough.

Enough. It's over. Will see what might rise to the top now. And also interested to see how the music evolves with the becoming.