Beautiful Strange

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Recording here on Hornby Island with Marc Atkinson this week

This coming week will be exciting for both me and my new songwriting partner, Michael Harling, as we embark on a new phase of our songwriting. If you don’t know, Michael and I joined forces a year ago to write a song for my friend Lana Caputi's big performance show for Autism called A Christmas Spectrum. It was called Beautiful Strange.

And that brings us to ….

The Barn Studio on Hornby Island, where I will be recording with the amazing Marc Atkinson, a Vancouver Island treasure. I found Marc after hearing a CD produced by him for Van Island songwriter, Kevin Mitchell.  If you’re not familiar with what a record producer does, they are responsible for capturing the spirit of the music. Marc will help me select the first 1 or 2 songs we will work on this week. He’ll select musicians (including himself) that he feels can play the parts he wants to record. The producer brings their overall musical talent and listening to raw songs that may

benefit from some arranging and musical ideas.

I’ll post news of the progress we make later this week.

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