All Aboard. Later is a Lie Tour

What inspired you to travel across the country and perform music on a train ?

Well, writing a song called ‘Later Is A Lie’; and naming my album and tour ‘Later is a Lie’ kept reminding me that I better get to it.

I wanted to take an action that was definitive and would force me to do things that I haven’t yet done in my career; including calling up venues and getting gigs.

I also wanted to have a very cool adventure, and to interrupt the status quo.

What was it like to perform on the train? What made it distinct?

From the moment we arrived at VIA Rail for our Vancouver departure, the VIA Rail staff were over the top, warm, friendly and generous. It made the trip, overall, more amazing than just being on a train, because we were around people who really cared about everything.

Imagine what it feels like to live your life while moving across the country. Very unique.

The train is not always smooth, in fact the sound and feeling of motion is always in the background. It takes away the silence and the stillness, and it creates a reminder that you’re on the move. I liked that.

The train itself was louder than I thought it would be which meant we had to project our voices as we were playing acoustic with no amplification.

We played usually 3 times a day in different cars for different people, and almost everybody loved it. We (all the passengers) were stuck together for a period of time and we learned to be together and enjoy each other. There were a lot of conversations with people that if we were walking down the street, we’d never talk to each other.

Any favourite songs you played along the way?

All I Really Want. Snowbird. Someday Soon. Tillsonburg. Sonny’s Dream. And my tune, Train Song was a big hit. Oh, and, people from all over the world know “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, in fact we met some Mandarin-speakers who knew the song in Mandarin.

What were some absolute highlights of your trip?

Being away for 7 weeks was like a ready-or-not reset button for life.

The gigs were all highlights. It’s the juice for me. There were many moments on the train that were precious. One time when we were doing a Sylvia and Ian Tyson tune, Someday Soon a woman burst into tears. She later said it made her think of her dad.

And rambunctiously singing Take me Home Country Roads with a train car full of fully expressed teenagers was hilarious fun.

Part II coming. I will share how this trip has altered my view of my music and life in general and other “off train” highlights.

Interview by Holly Faris, June 28, 2019