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Bruce Miller, legendary Canadian songwriter who has spent 3 decades writing for country superstars, including

The Dixie Chicks, Rascal Flatts and Reba McIntyre, says:


“ ... on first listen, one is reminded of early Joni Mitchell or Laura Nyro, but with a more subtle self-effacing humour. The melodies are gorgeous and strong as they wryly expose the intimate details of her reckless living ...  

do not miss this wonderful folk singer.” (2019)


Patrick Brown, Island Tides (Music Editor) reviewed "All My Graces"


"I can’t decide whether Sue Turner’s “Soft In All My Graces” is poetry set to music or music set to poetry.

One does get the impression [though] that the words came first. The verse form is sometimes abstract, sometimes with long narrative lines; sometimes there are choruses, sometimes not. But listen to the

words [and] there are thoughts, ideas, passions, certainties and uncertainties there distinctly personal and very Sue. [But one thing’s for sure her] music is rich and melodic, with hints of jazz [and blues].”  (2009)